We work with all Insurance Companies. 

Here are some myths and truths about Collision Repair shops and Insurance Claims:

Myth:  I must choose my Insurance companies repair shop.

Truth:  While your Insurance company can suggest that you use one of their Direct Repair facilities (DRP), you have the right to take your car to whichever repair shop you choose. Direct Repair facilities are simply shops that have agreed to work under an Insurance companies guidelines. Those guidelines sometimes have nothing to do with quality and more to do with using cheaper parts, materials and labor. The insurance company is obligated to negotiate the repair costs in good faith with any repair shop you choose.

Myth: The Insurance company will cover all damages and repairs.

Truth:  This is true most of the time, but it all depends on your particular level of coverage.  For example: Your company may not pay for OEM parts (Original Equipment Manufacture) and may only pay for After Market Parts. This would be the case whether you chose their DRP shop or an independent shop.  After Market parts are subpar and you should ask the shop what kind of parts they are going to put on your car. It is your choice and you are not obligated to use subpar parts in your repair. Perfect Reflections Auto Body prefers to use OEM parts, but we will work within your needs and budget.  We leave those choices up to you, not the insurance company.

Myth:  All estimates are the same.

Truth:  Repair estimates will vary.  A lower estimate may not include necessary procedures needed to ensure your repair is done properly and safely.  If you find a lower estimate and would like us to explain the differences in the estimated repairs, bring it in and we would be happy to show you.

Myth:  My Insurance company won't warranty the work if I don't use their repair shop.

Truth:  Auto repair shops warranty the work, not the insurance company.  Be sure to select a collision repair facility like Perfect Reflections Auto Body that will warranty their repairs in writing.

If you have questions, we are happy to answer them.  Just give us a call at 360-426-0805 or email us at pr_autobody@yahoo.com